Our services

Our services

Standard technical translation

Thanks to our educational background and our respective professional experience, we are able to translate your technical documents from English and/or German into French in a wide range of specialist fields (see "Languages and areas of expertise").

In accordance with the Société Française des Traducteurs’ (the professional organisation for translators in France) rules of professional conduct, we mainly translate into our mother tongue.

Nevertheless, if you would like us to translate a text from French into English or German, our network of native English- and German-speaking partners enable us to meet this request.


Translation rates are likely to change depending on the nature of the translation, the complexity of the texts and the deadlines requested. Please do not hesitate to send us your documents with your requirements (package desired, deadline, etc.) so that we can establish a personalised quote corresponding to your request.

We offer two different translation packages depending on your needs.

  • Express Package

This package is intended for people who essentially need a quick translation to understand the meaning of a document.

It includes a full translation of the document, standard linguistic proofreading (correction of spelling and grammar mistakes) and the document's final page layout.

  • Optimum Package

The Optimum Package is intended for people who require a high-quality translation meant to be released to a wide audience.

It includes a full translation of the document, technical-linguistic revision of the document (checking the technical terms used, checking the technical nature of the translated text, checking the translation has been adapted to its cultural context, correction of spelling and grammar mistakes), application of a linguistic quality assurance process and the document's final page layout.

Exceptional increases

The rates are likely to be increased in cases involving: working at the weekend or during public holidays, working at night, short deadlines (more than 1000 words in 24 hours) and technical formatting.

Special reductions

Our team offers reductions on the total price excluding tax for large volumes of translation (more than 10,000 words). In addition, if the format of the document to be translated allows us to work with the translation tool SDL Studio 2015, we are able to check for repetitions of phrases and expressions, for which we reduce the price per word. Our regular clients also benefit from a discount for repetitions detected between the documents we have already translated for them and the new documents to be translated.


Localisation refers to the translation of the linguistic content of software, a program or a website from one language into another, adapting it to the local culture. As a consequence, the localisation of a product involves not only translation, but also the adaptation of this translation to local conventions and to the target audience, which sometimes means a marketing type translation is needed.


The price varies according to the source language, the complexity of the text and the deadline requested.


Have your documents already been translated, but you would like to have them revised in order to maximise their content? Our team also offers revision services.

We make a distinction between two types of revision:

  • Technical-linguistic revision

The goal of this type of revision is to improve the quality of written or translated documents.
Technical-linguistic revision includes:
- checking technical terms
- checking that the content’s technicality has been respected
- checking the content's adaptation to the cultural context of the target country
- correcting spelling and grammar mistakes

Our quality assurance process (linguistic QA) will be performed after this type of revision. It involves a second proofread carried out by a different translator, which aims to polish the quality of the content by maximising the fluidity of the translated text.


Technical-linguistic revision + Linguistic QA: € 0.04/word.

  • Post-editing

Post-editing involves improving a document translated by a computer system (machine translation). The language level and technical nature of the document will depend on your requirements. Please note that this service is only for clients with access to their own machine translation software, which must be high-performing and reputed.


The price per word for post-editing varies according to the source language, the post-edited quality and the deadline requested. Please note that Dialinguo reserves the right to refuse to translate at the post-editing rate any document whose post-edited quality does not enable the translator to reduce the anticipated time justifying the lower rate.

Creation of corporate glossaries

Do you have a lot of documents to translate and do you use several different translators?
Do you use technical jargon that is specific to your company?
Then a corporate glossary would help significantly and would be a valuable resource for your project.

The creation of a corporate glossary will ensure the consistency of the technical terms that are specific to your company in all your documents.

Your corporate glossary may contain not only the source term and its translation, but also any additional information that you might wish to include (definition, genre, picture, etc.).


Regardless of the information requested with the term: € 0.50/term.


Our interpreting services are solely designed for one-off liaison interpreting assignments – for example, in business meetings or group discussions.

We are able to travel to meet clients in the Alsace and Franche-Comté regions of France, as well as the canton of Basel (Switzerland) and Baden-Württemberg (Germany).


Hourly rate: € 45, travel: € 0.25/km